Mental Health in the Workplace

It is amazingly important for business employers to support employees with mental health problems. Unfortunately, a lack of support for employees suffering from mental illness is among the top reasons for missed deadlines and dropped productivity. To guide them, it’s important for recruiters to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental disorder. Untreated mental illnesses can cause serious consequences. To aid employees prevail over their obstacles, here are some measures employers usually takes. Let’s take a closer glance.

Firstly, despression symptoms is one of the costliest conditions facing employers. Even though this is one common illness in the general population, research about depression in the workplace has been comprehensive. The World Wellbeing Organization quotes that major depression and anxiety disorders cost companies US$1 trillion annually in dropped productivity. Price to employers of untreated personnel is enormous, and the Universe Health Organization has classified depression and burnout simply because “occupational phenomena” in its eleventh revision belonging to the International Classification of Diseases.

Secondly, the study has diagnosed several factors that protect employees’ mental health at work. High job needs, low social support, and a great effort-reward imbalance are the biggest risk factors. However , it will be possible to apply a number of actions to improve mental health at work. Here are some tips just for managers and HR professionals to make a big difference. If you are concerned about the employees’ mental health, begin by offering all of them mental well-being days. You can even install a living wall and increase the volume of trees in your work environment.

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